About us


My name is Angel. I am a tattoo artist from Panagyurishte, Bulgaria. I have been tattooing professionally since 2008. I have worked in a number of tattoo studios, both in Bulgaria and abroad. I worked for one of the oldest and renowned tattoo studios in Sofia. For the past several years I am tattooing in different tattoo studios all over Europe. I did some guest spots in one of the biggest studios in Germany, England, France, Scotland and the Netherlands. My preferred style of work is black and grey realism. I have participated in several major international tattoo festivals from which I have several awards for black and grey portrait. I hope that what I’m doing, will satisfy even the most capricious.


I am Ivo. I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. A professional tattooist since 2007. From that time on, I am travelling all over the world, working in different tattoo studios. Among those are studios in Bulgaria, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Germany, Brazil, Scotland, England and Norway. In a gallery you may find a portfolio containing a part of my pictures tattooed/drawn on both skin and paper. The tattooing style I follow is the old school (traditional) one. I have participated in a lot of tattoo conventions & festivals among the world and I have won different prizes and awards. I hope you will enjoy my works.